Pakistan SAARC Summit Expected To Be Called Off

saarc summitIndia’s move to isolate internationally with diplomatic measures seems to be working as the 19th Saarc Summit is likely to be called off which is supposed to happen in Pakistan in November this year. The likely scenario developed when first India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan decided to not attend the summit citing the growing Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the region.

Even though there is no official word from Nepal which is the current chair of SAARC about the summit being called off, but going by the sources reports, Nepal has confirmed receiving official letters by 4 countries conveying their inability to join the SAARC summit in Pakistan.

Sources also claimed that Nepal has not decided as yet to whther to call of the summit or not, because there is still a month’s time for the summit to take place in Islamabad. The Saarc working process is based on consensus which means if one member country is not going to attend the summit, it will be automatically called off or may be postponed for a future date.

The official final decision to cancel the summit is going to be taken by Arjun Bahadur Thapa who is the current Saarc General Secretary. He is currently in New York and will be returning home in 2 days.

With 4 put of 8 countries deciding to skip the summit, it is most likely to be either cancelled or postponed on a future date. it is going to be a major blow to Pakistan because it is a big diplomatic snub that will isolate the country on the front of fight against regional terrorism.

Sri Lanka has already conveyed displeasure with recent terrorist attack in India and also said that Saarc summit is not possible if India is not going to participate.

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