Have Cinnamon To Cool Down Your Stomach

cinnamonCinnamon is a flavorful ingredient mainly used in desserts, cakes and ice creams. It not only enhances the taste, but also offer great health benefit for your stomach according to a new study. It can significantly contribute in improving health by cooling stomach by 2 degrees which can be great for those who have health issues such as stomach infection, bowel syndrome, appendix, stomach ulcer, etc.

The study was conducted on pigs and researchers found that cinnamon helped in maintaining the integrity of stomach wall by reducing the internal body temperature. It can be a massive research subject to find new treatments for people who have stomach related problems such as digestion, infection and other issues as well.

Based on facts of the study, researchers claimed that the level of carbon dioxide in pigs stomachs increased significantly when they were fed at room temperature. However, when they added cinnamon in their food, it drastically reduced the CO2 because it managed to decreased the secretion of gastric acid from stomach walls. It helped pigs cool down their internal body temperature during digestion.

In the study researchers used swallowable gas sensor capsules that helped them get insightful information on how digestion system work and how cinnamon can be used to cool down the temperature of stomach.

In Ayurvedic treatments also it is considered good habit to have a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with water every morning to cool down the body temperature to improve the digestion.

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